[PC-BSD Testing] Public Beta of PC-BSD Network Manager

Dimiter Ivanov erazorbg at gmail.com
Sun Mar 25 07:17:56 PDT 2007

Hello, i just downloaded the PBI to try this tool.
I wanted to test it with my wireless card, it uses broadcom based
chipset, and so i'm using it with ndis driver.
Install went OK.
I removed the sugested lines from the rc.conf and rebooted to be sure all is OK.
The tool detects my wireless card, but when i try to configure it, i
can't see any networks.
The scan doesn't find anything. So that's where i'm stuck.

I'm using my card with the DesktopBSD tool that came with the original
install of PCBSD, scan works ok there.
Also scaning works with ifconfig.

The network that i try to find is unencrypted.

here is the output of
>ifconfig ndis0 list scan
SSID            BSSID              CHAN RATE  S:N   INT CAPS
LUB             00:17:31:47:a7:9c    3   54M 129:0   100 E    ??? ???
??? ??? ??? ??? ???

Hope that helps someone..

I don't have any experience testing software, if you can tell me how i
can give you guys more detailed info just say.

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