[PC-BSD Testing] Testing of 12th June ISO.

Renato Flórido renatoflorido at gmail.com
Wed Jun 13 16:55:18 PDT 2007

Here are my findings over the 12th June Iso:


-          In the graphical installer, the field “Verify password” in the
Portuguese language is cut off.


-          I still cannot use accents to write my name in Portuguese in the
accounts field.


-          There should be a visible warning advising the user that the bsd
boot loader is the default choice. I have erased GAG by mistake several
times now


-          On the “Components” section, selecting a component should make a
text box visible displaying more information about that component.


-          Why is the feature to resize the installer windows available
under every installer window?


-          I still can’t boot onto pc-bsd after installation using my gf8800
card, even after being on the graphical warning screen.

I press OK, the screen goes black and after a while I get a long beep. I
never get to the manual setting tool.





Renato Flórido


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