[PC-BSD Testing] May31 build

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Mon Jun 4 20:19:26 PDT 2007

brian wrote:
>  I'm probably missing something here , but is there any chance of having 
> a dvd version of PC-BSD with system source included ? It's much easier 
> to do a simple upgrade than downloading the whole enchilada .
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Possibly, but not promises yet :)

We want the system to fit on 1 CD for a default install, and we need to 
get that working before adding other editions. However, once that is 
closer to being finished, I may be able to setup the server to roll a 
more complete DVD release with system-source, and the optional 
components, all on one DVD.

Also, just an FYI. After 1.4 is released, I will also be exploring 
adding a livecd build as well. I'm hoping to set it up, so it prompts 
for a USB memory stick of some sort during the boot, and then lets you 
run the system from CD and install PBI files / save data on the USB 
memory stick.


Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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