[PC-BSD Testing] May31 build

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Mon Jun 4 19:12:45 PDT 2007

brian wrote:
> Downloaded the May31st build and installed - my initial impressions :
> 1)system upgrade failed completely , kernel was not found on boot .

Thats on my list of TODO's this week :)

> 2)I found system source impossible to download both from GUI and command 
> line .

We'll check into this to see whats going on.

> 3)My sound will still not work without the new OSS drivers , which will 
> not pkg_add with out system source .

Do we have a PBI made for this specific driver? We may want to do so, 
that way its pre-compiled and folks won't need to download system-source 
to build it.

> 4)The beryl icon looks nice sitting in my system tray , however an 
> optional Nvidia install when setting up the OS ( like Mepis ) would be 
> nice .

Its kinda hidden now, but at the first boot if you don't take the 
auto-selected resolution, it brings up the GUI tool, which lets you set 
your own resolution. You can also select the "nvidia" driver, that way 
you have 3d enabled. I'm going to be cleaning up the logic behind this a 
bit this week also, so its easier to do.

> When a version gets released where I can download system source , I'll 
> try again . It would be very nice to see a dvd version with most of the 
> latest PBIs included .

Sounds good! I'm hoping to get most of the major bugs worked out this 
week, so hopefully we'll be more back on track with our normal builds. 
Still tracking down lots of issues from moving to Xorg 7.2 :)

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