[PC-BSD Testing] May31 build

brian brian.smith at mail.summerside.ca
Mon Jun 4 18:03:19 PDT 2007

Downloaded the May31st build and installed - my initial impressions :

1)system upgrade failed completely , kernel was not found on boot .

2)I found system source impossible to download both from GUI and command 
line .

3)My sound will still not work without the new OSS drivers , which will 
not pkg_add with out system source .

4)The beryl icon looks nice sitting in my system tray , however an 
optional Nvidia install when setting up the OS ( like Mepis ) would be 
nice .

When a version gets released where I can download system source , I'll 
try again . It would be very nice to see a dvd version with most of the 
latest PBIs included .

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