[PC-BSD Testing] ISO's back online

Charles A. Landemaine charles at pcbsd.org
Fri Jun 1 15:41:10 PDT 2007

Ok, I'm done downloading the May-31 snapshot. I tried to install it on my  
desktop, when I have PC-BSD 1.3.x, but it won't install. When I see the  
"Start graphical install (1024x768)" option and hit "Enter", the numlock  
led blinks once, then the monitor shuts down. Then I tried one more time  
with ACPI disabled, and I get a fatal trap 9 error. Needless to say that I  
checked MD5, that I burnt by CD-RW at the minimal speed, and that I tried  
on 2 different CD-RWs. So, I can't install it on my desktop, but I least  
it didn't erase my former version of PC-BSD.

Then I tried to install it on my laptop, and it installed properly :)
The bugs that I reported that day are still here, and I saw a few more,  
plus a few annoyances. For instance I had to run fdisk, and I was missing  
a convenient GUI for fdisk. The license is only BSD; maybe it should also  
include the licences of nVidia, Opera, GPL and Adobe? (I'm not an expert  
in law!). I selected the French keyboard from the menu, and it didn't set  
it as such during installation; as a result, my password didn't work  
because I typed something different when I set it. KDM also is still using  
QWERTY instead of AZERTY even after choosing "fr" during installation.

When loading PC-BSD off of the CD-ROM, there is always this line that says  
"acd0 FAILURE READ BIG illegal request", no matter what computer, CD  
player and CD-RW you use. I found the screen detector interesting,  
although a little rough around the edges because it take some time to kill  
X, and to come back; at some point you think it went wrong and that you  
should reboot your computer manually the hard way. Eventually, I don't  
have a 3D graphics card on my laptop, but still, I have the diamond icon  
is my system tray. So, obviously, trying to use it has no effect; maybe  
don't show it if no 3D hardware is detected?

Charles A. Landemaine.

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