[PC-BSD Testing] PCBSD 1.4beta

Andrejs Grodzickis halted at kernel.lv
Mon Jul 23 06:45:30 PDT 2007

Thanks for your works.
All work pretty well for me.

Install is ok. 
Sound was auto detected and work fine.
nvidia card ( GeForce FX 5200 )is recognized and works, but glxgears 
show only ~400 frames in 5.0 seconds, after reinstall 
x11/nvidia-driver-9631, glxgears show normally number for this PC. ( 
about ~1000 )
Programs works fine and stable.

konqueror don't understand special charset ( Baltic cp 2157 ).
and when I want to write Latvian on konqueror, show  utf8 blocks.  ( 
squares )
This problem have only konqueror. Other program show correctly. 

Best regards,
Andrej Grodzickij
Liela 12, Liepaja LV-3401, Latvia
Phone: +371 3488844
Fax: +371 3484333
email: halted at kernel.lv

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