[PC-BSD Testing] 1.4 BETA report

Renato Flórido renatoflorido at gmail.com
Sun Jul 22 15:10:11 PDT 2007

People, here are my findings on the 1.4 Beta release:





*On the "Component selection, it makes no sense to have some of the apps
here as firefox, Opera  and OpenOffice. If we have PBI, we should use it or
else we'll end up with just another "distro". Apps should not be a part of
the base install.

What we could do is a "Bulk installer" section in the installer that lists
all of the PBIs contained in the second CD and enables the user to select
which ones to install automatically during the OS installation.

Opera is a special case as there is a special agreement over this. I guess
it would make more sense to ship this as the default browser and as a
preinstalled PBI than making it a part of the base system. This area is not
coherent as it is.

Also, even if the new way to display components is more “read efficient”, I
find it more confusing than the previous side by side approach.





* Local time VS UTC problems need to be corrected. Users want local time.
Tim is already on this so i am not very worried... :)


* The tray icon for the network manager should be enabled when at least one
working NIC is detected during installation.

Also, clicking twice on the icon should open the network manager (in
regular, non admin mode) instead of a password box to configure the network
device in use.

It would also be a great addition to users with laptops if the network
manager stored "place profiles" so the users can quickly change lan and wan
settings depending on their location.


* There are issues with HAL which prevent certain file systems from being
properly displayed. These should be fixed for final.


* There is some KDE app duplication in fax viewers, multimedia, etc. The
base should be as basic as possible. I can list the duplicated apps if


* While starting Opera for the first time, i get a message window informing
me i have chosen a language different from my kde language. Opera was chosen
during install and has all the necessary translated files so it should have
been on the correct language since the first boot.


* Pressing the 'WIN' key doesn't bring the OS main menu.


* When opening new windows for apps or file manager, they open on the top
left corner of the screen. They should open in the centre of the screen.
(This is rather annoying)



It’s definitively on the right way. Linux fanboys are already very vocal :-)





Renato Flórido

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