[PC-BSD Testing] freeze and reboot

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Fri Jul 20 18:01:35 PDT 2007

brian wrote:
>  I could be doing just about anything , the system will freeze and 
> reboot every time . When I first installed I had time to download system 
> source via command line and pkg_add the new OSS drivers  . Now every 
> time I boot , I have a matter of seconds until reboot .
>  I'm currently using the June 19 build  on  an AMD 2800+ with a gig of 
> RAM and an  Nvidia 5800 . I'm using the Nvidia driver provided with the 
> installer .
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That is rather strange, you may want to re-test this with the new beta
we just released. I've updated the vanilla "nv" drivers to the latest,
and also we have a bigger selection of official "nvidia" drivers to
choose from as well. Maybe its a bug in 100.14.11 drivers, or 9746 or

Let me know what happens when you retest with that version, it shouldn't
be rebooting at random like that anymore.

Also, if you suspect is has something to do with beryl, you can remove
the /PCBSD/conf/beryl-enable file to prevent even the manager from
loading. That should ensure that the only thing running is X and KDE.


Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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