[PC-BSD Testing] Testing Digest, Vol 7, Issue 8, beta freeze, HAL

Richard Ashton richard.a at internode.on.net
Thu Jul 19 16:22:21 PDT 2007

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>    1. Getting ready for public Beta (Kris Moore)
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>    3. Re: 18th ISO report (Charles A. Landemaine)
>    4. Re: 18th ISO report (Charles A. Landemaine)
>    5. Wed snapshot (Bill Leeper)
>    6. Re: Wed snapshot (Tim McCormick)
>    7. 18th ISO report (Renato Fl?rido)
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> Message: 1
> Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2007 13:00:25 -0700
> From: Kris Moore <kris at pcbsd.com>
> Subject: [PC-BSD Testing] Getting ready for public Beta
> To: "testing at lists.pcbsd.org" <testing at lists.pcbsd.org>
> Message-ID: <469E7159.1010408 at pcbsd.com>
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> We are getting ready to release a 1.4 BETA version in the next few days
> or so. I wanted to just check to see if anybody has been testing with
> the latest ISO from last night (Wednesday ISO). I'm particularly
> interested in hearing about any problems that stop you from getting to a
> workable desktop at this point.
> One we issue the public beta, we will "freeze" the interface for our
> tools to submit the text for translation, so let me know of any
> misspellings or English mistakes in the current release.
> Thanks for helping us test PC-BSD 1.4!

Morning everybody,

Haven't done much because of sudden influx of things that had to be done 
in real life, lol. Also had bandwidth problems over the number of ISOs 
there were. So will try to download this current ISO.

Looking forward to trying the first beta.

Hope those installer problems get resolved

There were comments about HAL... Ever since the patch to 1.3 that 
changed/added HAL, I have been unable to use PC-BSD. Reinstalling and 
not applying the patches fixes it but is time consuming.

Then there is the annoying message box that flashes up and if you aren't 
concentrating and click yes, it means another reinstall to fix a broken 
PCBSD as a result of updating that patch... I did actually write in the 
forums asking if a third button to say "never" be added to those, which 
would be a help.

Same applies to 1.3.1 - have hardware probs there too, on a range of 
computers, not just restricted to one.

I have no nVidia video cards, and my MO means I'm unlikely to need them. 
Mostly onboard video, with a few 2Mb and 4Mb PCI cards. Did have a TNT 
32Mb one for a Windows train driving simulator, but it died.

Richard in Australia

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