[PC-BSD Testing] 18th ISO report

Renato Flórido renatoflorido at gmail.com
Wed Jul 18 15:49:41 PDT 2007

People, Kris has finally fixed the bug which prevented X from starting as
expected on my (and certainly other people’s) Nvidia GF8800 GTS 640. 


Here’s what I have noticed about the 18th ISO:




Installer CD:


*      Won’t the installer have a splash screen?

*      X works just fine from the ‘nv’ driver but as I get a 1280x1024
screen the graphical install window is not centered.

*      Fonts appear to be a little washed up

*      In the graphical installer, on the add user section, the field “Full
name” is cut off.




*      Starts with nv driver as expected and the res setting wizard works
just fine

*      No splash screen during boot

*      Time is one hour ahead

*      Mouse acceleration was too slow a few releases before but now it’s
somewhat too fast. Can we try a value between the older value an the new

*      KDE taskbar is not locked by default

*      HAL issues remain the same (No news from the hal devs?)



That’s all, for now. Apart from the hal issue, I see no really serious
issues here.





Renato Flórido

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