[PC-BSD Testing] KDE default behaviour (suggestions)

Andrei Kolu antik at pcbsd.org
Fri Jul 6 00:50:55 PDT 2007

Question: If I got application full-screen then why there is window borders 
for resizing???  
Answer: Go to Control Centre, then Desktop, Window Behavior, click 
the "Moving" tab, and uncheck "Allow moving and resizing of maximized 
windows". Dunno why that isn't the default, but it is at least an option

Question: Browser back button as BACKSPACE not ALT+Left_Arrow (this is 
seriously lame key combination IMHO).  
Answer:  It'd be nice if backspace worked as well, but every browser supports 
Alt-Left and Alt-Right.  You can configure this button behaviour in Settings, 
Regional & Accessibility, Keyboard shortcuts, Application shortcuts 
(Navigation- back- "alternative shortcut"- press "backspace" ). (May not 
work- looks like have to report as KDE bug...)

P.S. Keep posting useful features here.

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