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Sorry for the mailing list mistake



About the KDE keyboard issue, it’s ok for me. I just don’t see any
usefulness for me as I’ve never used it. For me, as long as I have the
correct keyboard defaults, all is OK. I’ll stop writing about this and
consider this problem as solved. Good work Kris!


Regarding the sound issue, I thought you meant the June 3rd ISO. Sorry

I am downloading the new iso as I write and report about this.


About my 8800GTS card, I’ll send the logs after I install the June 5th ISO.
If you remember any more interesting information I should send you, please

Andrei, it’s not just a configuration issue only, X crashes badly here


Can’t wait for Friday’s Iso to test HAL again. This bug is most annoying as
I extensively use my fat32 partition to share the info from the tests
between PC-BSD and XP, which has my e-mail client. Its strange Andrei can
even see fat32 partitions. They don’t appear on my test system


I can’t say I miss the whole networking setup in the installer but some
areas were nifty...


The Pasword and verify password appear cut off since the appearance of the
new installer. Maybe a layout change is in order for that section?


About the time zone, it’s a 1.4 issue. I had never experienced such issues
in PC-BSD before. My Bios should be set to GMT, the same as I have in WinXP.
Wasn’t GMT + local time the way we were doing things before? I can confirm
the time gets screwed in windows as well after I install PC-BSD.





Renato Flórido


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