[PC-BSD Testing] [PC-BSD Pbi-dev] July 3rd Iso report

Andrei Kolu antik at pcbsd.org
Thu Jul 5 12:38:46 PDT 2007

On Thursday, 5. July 2007 18:35:53 Kris Moore wrote:
> > ð      The GF8800GTX is still not working.
Have you tried with "X -configure"?

> > ð      Fat32 partitions are the same as usual. We now know what’s wrong
> > though.
> Yep, Stinking HAL :) For Friday's ISO, I'm building with the latest
> ports, and KDE 3.5.7, so we'll see if that helps anything.
I can mount ntfs and ufs partitions and external fat32 usb flash drives.

> > ð      In this version of the installer, the user can’t choose the
> > Hostname for his machine.
> Correct, network setup is all done post-install now.
Pre-installation configuration was highly welcomed feature in previous 
PC-BSDs- why it is banned now and where is Firewall? Box should be configured 
and secured before first boot IMHO.

> > ð      The clock is 1 hour ahead of the (correct) time displayed in the
> > Bios
> What timezone is your BIOS clock set to, and what TZ is the system set
> to? Run the "date" command.
I guess we should start using GMT time + local time for PC-BSD or else all 
dual-booters will have wrong time in Windows.

Kris where's the ncurses menu code for installcd- I want to use it for livecd 
also. How to compile xorg detector- I want to test it on livecd- then users 
can check it out before messing with already working PC-BSD installations.

Andrei Kolu
PC-BSD Quality Assurance

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