[PC-BSD Testing] PCBSD won't update on-line. It quits after 87% of the file download.

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Wed Dec 5 11:16:24 PST 2007


By default /tmp is using tmpfs, and you should be able to increase the 
space for it by editing rc.conf and looking for this:


As for the actual issue with space, thats weird, because when the 
updater runs, it uses "fetch" to download the file to /PCBSD/tmp/ by 
default. In this case, it may be running out of room on "/" possibly. 
You could try linking /PCBSD/tmp to /usr/pcbsdtmp or some other 
directory with more room, and see if that works :)


Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

Jeff Colter wrote:
> PCBSD won't update on-line. It quits after 87% of the file download.
> My /tmp directory had 700MB to play with - shouldn't that be enough for a
> 300MB patch?
> I then tried to symlink /tmp to /var/tmp which is on its own much larger
> partition, but it wouldn't work - guess you can't symlink two existing
> directories.
> Then tried to temporarily delete /tmp to recreate it with  ln -s /var/tmp
> /tmp  so that anything written to /tmp would actually get written to
> /var/tmp.
> Tried to delete or rename /tmp but no go. Even after emptying /tmp it won't
> let me delete it - says "device busy".  It won't let me rename it either,
> since it's a mount point.
> I then gave up and manually updated by downloading the .pbi to my home
> directory which is on /usr/home and is huge, and executed the .pbi from
> there.
> Anyone have a clue why 700MB isn't enough room, or at least know how to
> symlink existing directories?
> Tnx, Jeff
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