[PC-BSD Testing] Upgrade Bugs (supplemental info)

Ian Robinson fitchkendall at gmail.com
Tue Dec 4 13:53:30 PST 2007

I am supplementing the printing section of my earlier report.

My prior report noted my experience when printing a test page which showed
it was using CUPS 1.1.x, I had accessed the printer control panel via the
GUI method of Start->Settings->Peripherals->Printers.

The update is that when I accessed the printer via http://localhost:631, it
came up as CUPS 1.3.3, and the test page printout was consistent because it
reported it was using CUPS v 1.3.x.

HP LaserJet 4 Plus
HP JetDirect card
networked printer on
URI= socket://
HP LaserJet 4 Plus Foomatic/hpijs driver

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Until I manually powered off the printer and turned it back
on, I was getting an error which said, "Not allowed to print".

The good news is that after accessing and configuring via
http://localhost:631, and recycling the printer off and on, I was able to
print to Adobe Reader.

The bad news is that the HP Device Manager found in Start -> Utilities does
not work.

Ian Robinson
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