[PC-BSD Testing] Upgrade Bugs

Ian Robinson fitchkendall at gmail.com
Tue Dec 4 12:02:12 PST 2007

The upgrade installed flawlessly.  I read about some issues on #pcbsd
(freenode IRC) about printing not being fixed and pbi upgrade issues.  The
upgrade reportedly "... includes an update to the CUPS 1.3.3 package, as
well as other fixes / improvements to printing support.

When I tried to return my HP Laserjet 4 from lpd to CUPS, I could print the
test page (which, however, says it is using Cups v1.1.x) and I can print
from Open Office and web browsers.  I cannot print from Adobe Acrobat

PBI.  The  PBI update manager successfully scans the installed pbi's and
reports that an upgrade to Firefox is available.  It fetches the upgrade
PBI.  However, when you attempt to launch the PBI, the task bar icon twirls
for a while and then disappears into nothingness.

Ian Robinson
Salem, Ohio

FitchKendall [at] Gmail [dot] com
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