[PC-BSD Testing] snapshot 29.August

Widen-Damian Ivanov d137 at abv.bg
Wed Aug 29 13:41:41 PDT 2007

>I'll take a look at this, is it that the icons don't show up at all, or
>are just using the wrong ones?
All icons are missing I can see on the place where the icons should be some kind of white paper icons 

>Are you running with a LCD and DVI cable? If so, then that is normal
>from what I've seen. However, if using CRT with a VGA, then you may need
>to specify your horz-vert refresh rates in the "advanced" tab for it to
I am running a CRT with VGA. I knew about the advanced tab, but wanted to tell this problem because Linux (Mandriva) is able to recognize the whole 85HZ out of the box.
PS: sorry for the spam  but it comes automatically with mailing someone from @abv.bg I have to much accounts registered using this mail address, so I can not change it

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