[PC-BSD Testing] Add nano/joe editors, and a little bootup help?

sc at sdf.lonestar.org sc at sdf.lonestar.org
Tue Aug 28 20:16:06 PDT 2007

>... goodness of PC-BSD vanished when the bootup process tossed itself
> overboard at a point when not even joe could run because the state of
> things yet was such that random cursor addressing for the screen wasn't
> working.

Actually this might describe the couple of times when I made an error in
the rc.conf file. It seemed that the installer couldn't find or use the
next previous valid revision of that file, and instead just completely

EagleCAD, for example, automatically keeps a rotating set of ten numbered
backups of all of my layout files. In contrast PCBSD, for a system that
touts reliability, falls over with no easy recovery method if I make a
typo in rc.conf.

How difficult would it be for PC-BSD to implement a friendlier way to
handle rc.conf and similar files, say automatially using a backup
rc.conf#1 if that file was syntactically valid? If it wasn't valid, then
use rc.conf#2, and so on for some number (5, 6, 10?) of previously valid

In 1990-92, I remember using a VAX/VMS system that kept unlimited (as far
as I knew) copies of all the files I ever edited. These were generally
non-system text files, but were sometimes script files in whatever that
script language was called. They were all there and visible, sequentially
numbered and dated for months into the misty past. Old as that system was,
I could never shoot myself in the foot as well on it as I can on

Just something to consider when thinking about making PC-BSD more suitable
for people like me who can very easily make errors in the conf files.


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