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Dragon Flyer dracheflieger at gmail.com
Tue Aug 28 14:11:57 PDT 2007

First, sorry I can't participate more...my wife's health is the more concern
to me now and I don't have very much free time anymore.

I did download Friday's ISO and some of my earlier problems have been
resolved. I installed it on two machines, Opteron 165 x2 EGVA MB + EVGA
6800GS PCIE video and a 754 Sempron 64bit ECS MB w 6200 EVGA AGP.

Both installed fine, however the 6800GS required me to choose the emergency
ncurses installer and choose vesa to get to the graphical installer. I
believe that Kris used the latest nv driver for this install and while the
scrambled colors are different, it still borks itself using the nv with this

I installed both source and ports from the 2nd CD however the flags or files
that are set or written once these are installed via CLI or PC-BSD GUI are
NOT set or written. If you try to do a CLI portsnap fetch update or C(V)SUP
or use the PC-BSD GUI to fetch the ports or source, it has to download them
as if it were the first time (a peek into their respective directories show
that they exist and a quick make install clean confirmed it too).

Although they exist if installed from CD, the same amount of time must be
spent to download them as if they didn't.

Find Fastest in the Source and Port update GUIs now work and sets the
fastest server it finds, something that had been broken since April.

nfe onboard works on the Opteron and a GIGABYTE GN-WP01GS PCI Wireless
Adapter works on the ECS board, both flawlessly.

I had trouble with several PBIs installing their shortcuts to the /usr/bin
directory and changing that to the correct /Programs directory stated them
but errored out looking for libraries that existed in the sub /lib
directory, even though they were there.

All in all Kris et al, great work, pleasant to the eye and if it takes
another month or two to make it near perfect, spend the time...1.3 hurt from

Take care all and I hope to get back to the forums once I get my wife's
health improved.


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