[PC-BSD Testing] Sendmail running by default - why?

Andrei Kolu antik at pcbsd.org
Tue Aug 28 10:32:50 PDT 2007

Monday 27 August 2007 00:45:24 kirjutas sc at sdf.lonestar.org:
> Charles,
> Here's the sendmail configuration that I use (I'm no expert, I just
> parroted these from documentation). If any of these aren't quite right,
> don't be surprised. And I've left sendmail.cf as is, but The UseErrorsTo,
> LogLevel, MeToo and UseMSP settings in there might be interesting to
> someone.
> At the same time, putting links on the desktop to a small list of
> appropriate log files might be good too, to consolidate and make visible
> all this info in one handy place. (For example, put both mail and log file
> reading links in a nice folder, with several icons like the lighttpd PBI
> sets up).
I already described how to read local mailfolder here: 

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