[PC-BSD Testing] Failure report

William Vann ireclan at gmail.com
Tue Aug 28 10:31:38 PDT 2007

I was asked by the developer Charles Andre to post my failure report
regarding the latest snapshot to the "Beta Testing" mailing list. Here is
the original forum message:

"Well, I just got a chance to try the latest snapshot of 1.4, and I must
say, it's a bit of an improvement over 1.3. I just wanted to take this
opportunity to point out some successes and failures I've had using this
latest snapshot.


*Optional Components (KOffice and K3B were very appreciated)

*No more errors from HAL regarding my card reader

*New logo and codename ( I absolutely dig the 1.4's new name, and while the
new logo isn't what I would have ultimately gone with, it's better than
using someone else's)

*The other media visualizations work in Kaffeine


* No MIDI support out of the box (Amarok refuses to play with "Media
unplayable" message, KMid refuses with "Could not open /dev/sequencer"

*No Konversation in optional components (if this is a part of your official
support line, please make it easier to access, as KSirc just doesn't cut it)

* Weird resolution detection (mine is stuck at 1152 X 768. Changing to 1024
X 768 causes a black screen from which there is no recovery other than
restarting the computer, at which point the resolution is STILL at the odd
1152 X 768)

* No out of the box printer support (mine is supported, you guys just
haven't preincluded the drivers- HPIJS or HPLIP, take your pick- for it. The
drivers are most likely small enough, so please include them)

* Konsole bug (When attempting to give a root session of Konsole and a
regular session of Konsole different backgrounds, the regular session
becomes stuck in root session. From then on, using the regular session
command will always produce behavior as if you had started a "su" session of
Konsole. You guys might want to forward this bug upstream)

Additionally, I would like to add that my Internet crashes appear to have
stopped, but I didn't add this to the successes because I can't absolutely
confirm. I know my list includes more bad than good, but please don't take
this as a sign that your work is bad or that I am in any way displeased with
it. As someone who recently dabbled in Python, I can appreciate how hard it
is to get a computer to do ANYTHING, let alone what you want it to. That is
why, rather than ending on a note of criticism, I would like to instead
thank all the PC-BSD developers for giving up their spare time for the
benefit of all. Really, you guys (gals?) are among those in this world that
actually give a sh*t (if I may be so blunt), and for that you have earned my

In addition to the problems listed above, I've more to report that I either
recently discovered or forgot to report the first time around. These are:

*'/etc/ppp/options' bug (the file '/etc/ppp/options' is still apparently
missing in action from the last release. This does not become a problem
until one completes the dialing process with KPPP, at which point PPPD
crashes. Creating a blank file named "options" in the appropriate directory
seems to remedy this, but I am unsure if this is the best fix.

*Manually adding IP addresses to '/etc/resolv.conf' (I still have to edit
resolv.conf manually with two IP addresses (presumably they are my ISP's) to
get any dial-up internet. While I have been told their is a graphical way to
do this in KPPP, I have been unable to find the correct dialog to do this.
The reason I still put this down as a failure of the operating system is
that on Ubuntu, I never had to provide any IP addresses. They are apparently
resolved automagically using an unknown process by GNOME PPP. Is it possible
to get this behavior in KPPP?)

*Random font distortion at boot-up (some fonts, namely those of Klipper and
the "Log Out" screen, are unreasonably small. This problem appears randomly.
There is no apparent remedy save rebooting the system and hoping that that
time around they will return to normal.)

That's all for now. I'll keep you posted if anything further develops.
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