[PC-BSD Testing] possible CUPS server error preventing install of usb printer Fri snapshot 24/08/07

Gordy lqaus9 at yahoo.com.au
Sat Aug 25 21:43:38 PDT 2007


Fri 24/08/07 Cups server error issues MAYBE  causing failure to install usb printer

I am a PCBSD newbie but a linux intermediate to expert in some things.
I am running the beta Fri 24 August 2007 cd1 and 2

1  I had confirmed that Cups is running thru the Kde control module 

2 I have an USB printer and having read http://forums.pcbsd.org/viewtopic.php?t=9213

I did as suggested and run at root command....chmod 777 /dev/ulpt0.....ditto /dev/unpt0 and
confirmed with ls -l /dev/etc that they were executable

3 Now lets try to find the correct driver

......using  localhost:631 ..Epson C61 not listed

using menu...add printer...its listed but has  error


ERROR  is .....unable to load the requested driver....for C61.

You may note that I have a red border in the printer setup that shows I am in Admin mode

4....When you use menu Printer manager to install... USB had 2 options /dev/unlpt0 and /dev/ulpt0
so I tried both

5 So I rebooted and re-checked cups was running....and re-started it to be sure to be sure heh heh


then in menu....printer manager I found an option to restart Cups....and got error that it could
not find the cups server???


me thinks there is a glitch ...maybe I need to report as a bug?  in the cups server.

do you agree?

cheerio and thanks for any feedback

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