[PC-BSD Testing] 20th August Iso report

Andrei Kolu antik at pcbsd.org
Sat Aug 25 10:33:14 PDT 2007

Saturday 25 August 2007 20:15:57 kirjutas Charles A. Landemaine:
> On Sat, 25 Aug 2007 14:02:36 -0300, Andrei Kolu <antik at pcbsd.org> wrote:
> > Fixed what? KDE default "smart" window placement behavior? Every small
> > window centered on 21" LCD screen sounds a bit....whatever.
> Yep. It's obvious to me. I already drag the window from the upper-left
> corner to the center manually anyway.

> > Disable that "Win" key completely- this is really useless in KDE because
> > many
> > applications use "Super key" for other functionality like amaroK "next,
> > previous, stop" funtions (win+x, win+v, win+b).
> Why disable it? Some people use it all the time on Windows, let's keep it
> enabled on PC-BSD, it doesn't cost an arm and a leg. The key is there,
> let's use it!
With "Win" key enabled amaroK functional keys doesn't work. Sometimes 
my "Start" key is migrated to right "properties key" instead and with other 
keyboard layout than US it works only occasionally (win key I mean). It's 
really frustrating to find out that some key does not work again...

> > Why? Someone got faxmodem and now he can't use it anymore. That's not
> > your business to decide what applications someone want to use.
> I wish I could use a fax-modem with PC-BSD. Do you know a model that works?
Every external fax-modem should work. "Win"modems does not count.

> > PBI extension should be registered as downloadable file like iso or
> > something-
> > right now I can't just download PBIs from pbidir- they are stored like
> > download.php files- that's just stupid.
> What browser are you using? I don't see this problem on Konqueror and
> Opera.
KDE 3.5.7 Konqueror.
Right-click on mirror and select save as: 


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