[PC-BSD Testing] 20th August Iso report

Andrei Kolu antik at pcbsd.org
Sat Aug 25 10:02:36 PDT 2007

Friday 24 August 2007 00:24:12 kirjutas Kris Moore:
> > *      Application and file manager windows are opening on the top left
> > corner of the screen (when using the default Kwin window manager). They
> > should be opening on the centre of the screen. This is rather annoying…
> Good idea! I fixed this for you!
Fixed what? KDE default "smart" window placement behavior? Every small window 
centered on 21" LCD screen sounds a bit....whatever.

> > *      If the user chooses to install OpenOffice, the system menu icons
> > are not contained in a dedicated “OpenOffice” sub menu as other installed
> > PBIs. They should be for consistency.
> You'll want to contact the PBI dev for OO. Thats a preference thing that
> the developer for whatever reason decided to do.
Icons dependency is broken in PC-BSD for a long time- 3-4 months or something. 
Due to hicolor and crystalSVG dependency removal in base system. Now it you 
decide to install some kde app from ports you'll have no icons in menus.

> > *      If the user chooses to install KOffice, the system menu icons are
> > not contained in a dedicated “KOffice” sub menu as other installed PBIs.
> > They should be for consistency.
Large packages like OO.o and KOffice should have their own respective menus in 
Office submenu. Please no uninstall options there- we already got add/remove 
applications tool.

> > *      The ‘Win’ key doesn’t open the system menu. This should be simple
> > to fix and feels nice when working.
> Humm, it works just fine here and on all the keyboards I've tested. What
> keyboard / layout are you using? You may need to tweak the
> ~.kde/env/win-key.sh script to change your keycode.
Disable that "Win" key completely- this is really useless in KDE because many 
applications use "Super key" for other functionality like amaroK "next, 
previous, stop" funtions (win+x, win+v, win+b).

> > *      Do we need both Kfaxview and Kfax?
> No we don't, removed the kfax from the "More" menu :)
Why? Someone got faxmodem and now he can't use it anymore. That's not your 
business to decide what applications someone want to use.

> > *      Using Konqueror as browser, while trying to download PBIs the
> > browser tries to open the file in text mode instead of saving it
> That only happens when you click a PBI link in the forum, and it tries
> to open it in a new Window. I haven't found a fix for it yet, its
> something internal to Konq I think :(
PBI extension should be registered as downloadable file like iso or something- 
right now I can't just download PBIs from pbidir- they are stored like 
download.php files- that's just stupid.

> > System:
> > *      The firewall app should open as user and then have an admin mode
> > button for consistency with the network manager.
> I'm not sure I agree. The FW manager doesn't really have a lot of useful
> functionality unless run as root, where as the network manager does.
> > Network Manager System tray icon:
> >
> >
> >
> > *      Double-clicking over the network manager system tray icon should
> > start the network manager in user mode (like opening it from the system
> > menu) instead of prompting the user for the admin password.
> I have it set that when you double click, it brings up the settings for
> that specific NIC, not the whole network manager right now. But your
> idea is good, so I've changed that :)
> > *      Clicking once over the network manager system tray icon should
> > have the same effect as double-clicking as no function exists for this
> > right now. In the future, it should open some kind of network usage meter
> > for example.
> That'll probably have to be added. We should put this down for the next
> update to the tool.

> > *      When right-clicking the network manager system tray icon there
> > should be an option to disable or enable the tray icon in the resulting
> > menu.
> There is a "quit" icon which does the same thing. Its not possible to
> add an "enable" icon, since there would be nothing to right-click on if
> it wasn't enabled :)
"Restart network" function in NM does not make any sense- all options that is 
changed should be set instantly, not after restart something. ifconfig&route 
command can do everything instantly. man is your friend.

Looks like many issues described here are from my bugs list from many months 
ago- dejavu or something.


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