[PC-BSD Testing] Upgrade/Install and CD#2

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Thu Aug 23 13:04:12 PDT 2007

Josh Paetzel wrote:
> Kris Moore wrote:
>>> FreeBSD is API compatable in major version numbers.  Upgrading the
>>> base FreeBSD system isn't going to break ports or packages until you
>>> move to 7.0
>>> All you should need to do to preserve ports and packages across an
>>> upgrade is to preserve /usr/local and /var/db/pkg
>>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> I guess my question then would be what happens to all the old entries in
>> /var/db/pkg? If we save it, then re-extract the system image, a whole
>> bunch of new enteries will be extracted, and the old ones will also be
>> left in. Now we got old and new entries of the same ports listed in the
>> package DB right? It would work, but will leave rather a mess for the
>> user to clean up afterwards, assuming they want to use ports.
>> Kris Moore
> Ok, so PC-BSD writes metadata to /var/db/pkg outside of stuff
> installed from ports/packages?
> If so, are the things in /var/db/pkg that aren't installed from
> ports/packages in /usr/local?  Or are they somewhere else?

Here's how it works. The build server prepares a base image, and
compresses the entire image into a large tbz file of "/", then this is
extracted on the users drive during the install / upgrade.

So for example, the image will have KDE 3.5.7 installed, and all the
various corresponding entries in /var/db/pkg just as a normal system
would. The upgrade doesn't go through and just remove / replace old
packages on the system. Doing so would take forever, and be a dependency
nightmare, especially if a user has started modifying the installed ports.


Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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