[PC-BSD Testing] Upgrade/Install and CD#2

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Wed Aug 22 12:11:51 PDT 2007

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> Subject: Re: [PC-BSD Testing] Suggestion: For the Upgrade/Restore mode
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> In an update with an earlier snapshot, the userdata.tgz file that it
> created was 9 GB. After reinstalling some things, I looked in it and found
> many other items that I actually didn't need or want to save across the
> upgrade. But it took several hours to create during the update process. I
> don't recall everything that was in it, but I had tried installing a lot
> of Windows apps with Wine just to fool around with that, and they
> installed huge horrible gobs of goo in my personal directory. Maybe that
> was one reason why the file was so large. And almost all of that was
> basically detritus.
> Because of the unexpectedly long time involved, I'd like to see the
> installer present a list of checkboxes of things that it finds that it
> plans to save in userdata.tgz, so that I could pick those that made sense.
> And then give the user beforehand a rough estimate of the time it will
> take. Otherwise this can soak up hours of time, which comes as a surprise.
> -rsc

I think it's huge because it includes the home directories, PBI Software, and
parts of the KDE Configuration. I think it might even have did some thing to
the  ports tree on my system.

By the way, did any one ever fix the thing about installing the FreeBSD
sources from CD#2?

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