[PC-BSD Testing] Suggestion: For the Upgrade/Restore mode

Terry Poulin bigboss64 at ippimail.com
Tue Aug 21 22:51:30 PDT 2007

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I'm not sure if this has been discussed or not (I'm an idiot and have not
looked in the archives lately).

But I've just used the 1.4 Beta disks to do a repair operation on my laptop
(an hour'ish long process). For a very long time the progress bar indicated
0%, for the first few seconds I wondered if it may have been disabled for the

Then I opened an xterm and used a mixture of ps, du, and vi to follow the
programs actions... Since the only signs of action was the pictures changing
in the installer. Eventually it got to unpacking files and using the progress
bar. My home directory is ~2gb so it did take quite awhile before it got past
0% ;-)


PS: It might also be wise to consider that the /userdata.tgz file could
theoretically be larger then the free space remaining on disk, if this has not
be previously checked by the installation programs.

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