[PC-BSD Testing] Monday snapshot

Bill Leeper protagonist at charter.net
Tue Aug 21 00:32:21 PDT 2007

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I installed the snapshot tonight and ran into a problem with Amarok  
which I installed from the 2nd CD. The VCR controls all appear as a  
sheet of paper with the upper right corner bent over. If I hover the  
mouse over one the text does pop up as it should. The first time I  
ran it up I loaded the Magnatune library and selected an album. I  
double clicked the first song and when ti started to play I closed  
the window. I then right clicked on the tray icon and when the menu  
popped up the system totally froze and I had to use the power button  
to reset the system. I was unable to duplicate the problem upon  
restarting, however.

Settings - System Administration - Image Index

Error - KDE Control Module

Cannot find executables "gift" and/or "gift-add-collection.pl" in the  
Please install the "GNU Image Finding Tool".

It is after midnight so I will call it quits until tomorrow  
evening.   :-)

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