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Bill Leeper protagonist at charter.net
Sun Aug 19 20:21:01 PDT 2007

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Thanks both of you for your replies. I actually don't need to use K3b  
in this manner. The reason I posted was because i have not had this  
happen on any of the other 1.4 beta versions I have been testing.  
Something must have changed in the Friday snapshot to cause this to  
happen. Anyway, it will be fun to see what the Monday snapshot brings.

Bill Leeper

On Aug 19, 2007, at 4:03 PM, Richard Ashton wrote:

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>> While I'm not really familiar with K3B, the MP3 Decoder should  
>> only be
>> necessary unless it supports ripping CD's to MP3 files. A portupgrade
>> could probably be done on libmad by the end user. But it would be  
>> very
>> nice to see support in the All Codecs PBI for K3B if not all ready  
>> done.
>> Amarok, Kaffeine, and MPlayer make use of the MPlayer codecs  
>> installed
>> into /usr/local/lib/win32 by the AllCodecs PBI, which is just a  
>> wrapper on
>> the all-YYYYMMDD tarballs on MPlayers website. Thus any program  
>> using the
>> Xine Engine (Amarok/Kaffeine) or MPlayer can basically handle  
>> playback of
>> MP3 files with these codecs installed. I don't know if that allows
>> mencoder to create mp3 files or not though.
>> Considering that trying to make an MP3 Encoder gets any one into a  
>> legal
>> ruckus in the US and probably any where that supports Software  
>> Patents,
>> it's probably unlikely that we will see any support for creating  
>> mp3 files
>> in BSD/GNU/Linux based OSes by default until another 4-5 years  
>> minimal :@
>> It would be great if enabling/Installing an MP3 Encoder was easy  
>> on PC-BSD
>> hehehe. MP3 may be getting out dated but it's a bit more friendly to
>> portable CD Players supporting CDDA and MP3 ;-)
> For what it's worth, I've used the Audacity sound editor on several
> platforms for several years.
> This will read (decode) mp3 files without a problem.
> However to create an mp3 file it requires the liblame library  
> regardless
> of what system it's running on.
> It is freely available and I wonder if this would resolve this issue?
> Richard in Oz
> Where none of the roads are yellow brick :)
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