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Richard Ashton richard.a at internode.on.net
Sun Aug 19 16:03:49 PDT 2007

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> While I'm not really familiar with K3B, the MP3 Decoder should only be
> necessary unless it supports ripping CD's to MP3 files. A portupgrade
> could probably be done on libmad by the end user. But it would be very
> nice to see support in the All Codecs PBI for K3B if not all ready done.
> Amarok, Kaffeine, and MPlayer make use of the MPlayer codecs installed
> into /usr/local/lib/win32 by the AllCodecs PBI, which is just a wrapper on
> the all-YYYYMMDD tarballs on MPlayers website. Thus any program using the
> Xine Engine (Amarok/Kaffeine) or MPlayer can basically handle playback of
> MP3 files with these codecs installed. I don't know if that allows
> mencoder to create mp3 files or not though.
> Considering that trying to make an MP3 Encoder gets any one into a legal
> ruckus in the US and probably any where that supports Software Patents,
> it's probably unlikely that we will see any support for creating mp3 files
> in BSD/GNU/Linux based OSes by default until another 4-5 years minimal :@
> It would be great if enabling/Installing an MP3 Encoder was easy on PC-BSD
> hehehe. MP3 may be getting out dated but it's a bit more friendly to
> portable CD Players supporting CDDA and MP3 ;-)
For what it's worth, I've used the Audacity sound editor on several 
platforms for several years.

This will read (decode) mp3 files without a problem.

However to create an mp3 file it requires the liblame library regardless 
of what system it's running on.

It is freely available and I wonder if this would resolve this issue?

Richard in Oz
Where none of the roads are yellow brick :)

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