[PC-BSD Testing] Monday build bugs

Charles A. Landemaine charles at pcbsd.org
Wed Aug 15 02:09:45 PDT 2007

On Wed, 15 Aug 2007 02:47:29 -0300, Bill Leeper <protagonist at charter.net>  

> This is strange. After installing and running the Monday build for a
> few hours I noticed that the four desktops on the panel instead of
> being pretty much square as they have been in the past were
> elongated. So I right clicked on the desktop and selected the
> configure desktop option in the menu. I selected the Multiple
> Desktops option and it was set to one desktop. I set it to four and
> clicked apply and I then had 24 desktops. I reset the number to one
> and I now have 12 desktops. I can't seem to get it to reset to the
> original four.
> OK, after playing around a bit I have found out a bit more info. When
> this happened I was running the Beryl Window Manager. If I turn off
> Beryl and use the default Window manager I can get four desktops but
> when I restart Beryl it goes back to 12. I have the desktop cube
> activated in Beryl as well. Short of reinstalling I don't seem to be
> able to get rid of the extra desktops. I will leave it as is until
> the Friday build comes out in case anyone has any questions.
> Bill Leeper

I have this bug here too, but it seems it only happens when you change the  
window manager. So, when you restart the computer there are 4 virtual  
desktops. It's a Beryl bug I think. Also it seems that when you click one  
of the virtual desktops there are only 4 although it shows 24.

Charles A. Landemaine.

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