[PC-BSD Testing] Can't install

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Tue Aug 14 09:56:08 PDT 2007

Matt Olander wrote:
> On Tuesday 14 August 2007 1:58 am, fbsd wrote:
>> Kris Moore wrote:
>>> fbsd wrote:
>>>> Hi All,
>>>> My current most urgent problem is that the 6 August 2007 snapshot does
>>>> not detect the hard disk available when opting for a fresh
>>>> install. This problem first surfaced on the last snapshot I tried (27
>>>> July 2007). Prior to that I had no problems.
>>>> I was able to install the
>>>> 27/07/07 snapshot by selecting System Update/Repair. The disk partitions
>>>> were then detected and I backed out and selected Fresh Install and voila
>>>> the disk partitions were shown. That trick does not work with the
>>>> 06/08/07 snapshot.
>>>> So at the moment, I can't install.
>>>> I tried to install PC-BSD 1.3 and it worked just fine so the problem has
>>>> to lie with a recent change to the installer.
>>>> Does anyone else have this problem?
> We can confirm this problem on a Toshiba laptop here that is running 1.3.x. 
> When we go to install fresh dev snapshot from last Friday, the disk isn't 
> seen. If we click Upgrade, there it is!
> -matt

Yea, I was able to duplicate it here on my laptop also. Its a bug in
6-Stable for the moment with the dmesg output. The way you can tell is
if you boot up, open xterm and go look at the /var/run/dmesg.boot file.
Look for the line "md0:" near the bottom. For some reason on some
laptops the next line "ad0:" doesn't get put on the next line properly,
and gets lost in the shuffle :( I've just fixed the script up though to
check for this condition and fix it :)


Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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