[PC-BSD Testing] wine

Bill Leeper protagonist at charter.net
Fri Aug 10 16:56:37 PDT 2007

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I installed the modified wine program and it was very straight  
forward. I have had mixed success with programs, though. So far I  
have tried and old Tax program which I installed with W2K selected.  
It installed but when I ran it it changes all the fonts to something  
that looked like wingdings. Made it a bit hard to try and configure  
anything so I uninstalled and reinstalled wine. This time I picked  
last years version of the tax program and set it up as a Win98  
program. That one actually ran and seemed to work as it should. It  
was very responsive and fast. The third program I tried was The  
Complete National Geographic. I still haven't been able to get it to  
work properly.

Since I really don't need to run much in the way of windows stuff  
this is all just playing around, but I do have a few more programs I  
can try.

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