[PC-BSD Testing] crashing with some USB card readers

sc at sdf.lonestar.org sc at sdf.lonestar.org
Tue Aug 7 04:24:27 PDT 2007

The August 3 snapshot gives an "an unexpected error occurred" message when
mounting my 1 GB SMI USB flash drive. This error did not occur with the
1.3.x versions of PC-BSD. After the initial error message, this drive
functions normally.

Some other USB devices do not work normally, though. After the "an
unexpected eror occcurred" message, both my Sandisk MobileMate SD+ card
reader (using 2GB Sandisk Ultra II SD cards) and my Rosewill CR104 SD card
reader (with the same cards) crash PC-BSD. Crashing is immediate when I
unmount the reader. But it also usually crashes fairly soon when leaving
the reader mounted.

These problems with the card readers happened intermittently with 1.3.x,
buyt it never had a problem with the USB flash drive. When I first
installed the 1.4 beta release, all of these problems cleared up. But
crashing with the card readers reliably happened when I switched from the
vesa video driver to either the nv or nvidia driver. Switching back to the
vesa driver returned the 1.4 beta to working normally with all these USB

Later I installed a lot of other software from ports and at some point the
USB card readers started crashing when using the vesa driver too, with the
1.4 beta. The July 25 and August 3 snapshots have not operated properly
for me with these devices even when freshly installed.


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