[PC-BSD Testing] New ISO for testing

Andrei Kolu antik at pcbsd.org
Sat Aug 4 02:54:11 PDT 2007

On Friday 03 August 2007 7:22:20 pm Kris Moore wrote:
> Our Tri-Weekly ISO's are now back online, and Friday's ISO is available
> now.
> This ISO has several new fixes / changes which will need testing.
> * PC-BSD now includes OSS (Open Sound System) by default. This will
> allow us to support a wider range of high-end sound cards. My Audigy2 ZS
> Platinum pro now works, even via Optical connection. If for some reason
> the OSS system doesn't work in finding your card, you can still use the
> old detection method. Simply go into the "Services" tool, and select the
> option to disable OSS at bootup. On next boot PC-BSD will revert to the
> legacy audio detection scripts.
I want to remind you that FreeBSD already includes OSS (Open Sound System), 
but you are talking about "Threaded Open Sound System" (as named in KDE 
control center) from opensound.com. Same name would confuse guys not familiar 
with those technologies. It's better to call it "OSS v4.0".


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