[PC-BSD Testing] Friday, 3 Aug snapshot

Bill Leeper protagonist at charter.net
Fri Aug 3 16:07:46 PDT 2007

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Over all this is starting to look very slick. I am having a problem  
with audio on this release, however. I have system sounds OK, but  
when I first run up Amorok I get an error message that says xine was  
unable to initialize any audio codecs. If I close it out and restart  
it I can play the songs on Magnatune. I am unable to play a music CD,  
however. It shows a CDDB message for a few seconds and then goes to  
the next track and will keep this up until it hits the last track.  
This behavior is the same no matter what player I use. I tried  
disabling oss and rebooting with the same problem.

I did get a CD to play once in Amarok, but have been unable to do so  
since. The sound does work much better for what I do get. Before I  
would have to turn the volume way up to hear any sound. I can now  
leave it at the normal level using oss. If I disable that I go back  
to having to crank up the volume. I do have an onboard sound system  
so it may be related to that. Is anyone else having problems along  
this line. And did there not used to be a PBI called all_codecs on  
the DL site? If so I can no longer find it. can someone point me to  
it.?   :-)

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