[PC-BSD Testing] New ISO for testing

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Fri Aug 3 09:22:20 PDT 2007

Our Tri-Weekly ISO's are now back online, and Friday's ISO is available now.

This ISO has several new fixes / changes which will need testing.

* PC-BSD now includes OSS (Open Sound System) by default. This will
allow us to support a wider range of high-end sound cards. My Audigy2 ZS
Platinum pro now works, even via Optical connection. If for some reason
the OSS system doesn't work in finding your card, you can still use the
old detection method. Simply go into the "Services" tool, and select the
option to disable OSS at bootup. On next boot PC-BSD will revert to the
legacy audio detection scripts.

* In addition to Kaffeine, PC-BSD now includes KMPlayer as well. This
allows embedded WMV & Quicktime videos to run properly via Konqueror.
Even the trailers at apple.com/trailers work out of box now :) The
Kaffeine-mozilla plugin is available still for FireFox / Opera and such.

* The XGui tool now has the "Advanced" tab again, where you may set your
Horizontal sync and Vertical refresh rates if you so desire. These
values are set to a generic default, the same as the auto-detect scripts
were on 1.3 now. This may assist in issues where Xorg can't seem to go
beyond 800x600 without it.

* The Beryl-Manager icon no longer is started automatically when running
a 3D driver. Instead you simply to to the "System" menu and choose
"Beryl Manager". The manager will prompt if you want to enable beryl at
system startup. Use this if you plan on running 3d primarily.

* I found a problem on certain laptops, which caused the installer to
not detect any available drives to install to. If this happens, the
installer will try to locate the "/dev/ad0" device and still provide an
option to install.

These are some of the major changes, I can think of at the moment. There
are also numerous other smaller bugfixes, including support for PBI
developers to enable startup of services in the /Programs folder via
rc.d and rc.conf.

Please let me know of any issues with this new release.


Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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