[PC-BSD Testing] A few more issues

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Thu Aug 2 17:05:19 PDT 2007

Matthew - Secondary wrote:
> Kris Moore wrote:
>> Take a look here:
>> http://xinehq.de/index.php/features
>> It appears that they support some formats such as WMV 7&8, Sorrenson /
>> Quicktime and others right out of box. Its possible that they are just
>> the re-written implementation of these codecs and not the real ones from
>> MS / Apple. I'm not sure of the legal implications of that. Anybody know
>> off hand?
> Just a short thing on it : xine uses ffmpeg/livavcodec to decode the 
> various things mentioned. As such libavcodec supports a lot of the 
> closed or protected formats in a basic capability. The same way that you 
> can use ffdshow in windows to decode wm7-9 (9 is flakey) and all the 
> others. So no, there are no codecs that have been stolen or anything 
> like that.
> Be aware also that this is very basic support and it will often not work 
> with whatever clip you are trying to view - that will require the real 
> codecs :) but its getting good really quickly, not sure when xine will 
> allow wmv9 playback but it wont be too long :)
> Regards,
>  Matthew

Well thats excellent to hear, in that case I'll leave it as is. The cool
thing is that it works with all the various trailers I've tried on
Apple's site, also some WMV streaming videos seem to work well :)


Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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