[PC-BSD Testing] HAL & Beryl problems

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Wed Aug 1 06:25:03 PDT 2007

goebbels at wp.pl wrote:
> As I`ve already mentioned in the forums, I had a serious problems with 
> HAL & Beryl.
> HAL made my computer totally unresponsive, It was constantly rebooting 
> without a reason [just when I popped a cd into one of my drive], and I 
> was forced to fsck it all the time.
> That`s why I removed HAL from my system.
> The second thing is that Beryl should not be loaded when nV drvs are 
> loaded. It may [that`s my case] cause serious problems with system 
> stability. I think Beryl should be an option, not a "must" [I`m also 
> talking about the script that checks availability of Beryl engine]

We should probably report your HAL problems to the maintainers to see if
there are some fixes to be made.

As for Beryl, it is an option right now, not a "must". The only thing I
have enabled by default is the tray icon when you are running the
official "nvidia" drivers or the "intel-with-3d" driver. Aside from that
even the icon shouldn't be loading up. If it is, just remove the
"/PCBSD/conf/beryl-enable" file and even the tray icon won't load by


Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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