[PC-BSD Testing] Issue 22 Localization not fully implemented (Charles A. Landemaine)

Richard Ashton richard.a at internode.on.net
Wed Aug 1 15:58:56 PDT 2007

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> 	Localization not fully implemented
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> On Tue, 31 Jul 2007 20:15:07 -0300, Richard Ashton  
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>> Charles, I think that may be a KDE problem, from version to version, and has been like it for years, with testing various systems.
>> I've noticed it when I select AU, sometimes I have to change the RH end tab from imperial to A4 etc.  And the left hand end tab ALWAYS has to be taken off default in my experience. Major shortcoming of the desktop environment perhaps?
> G'day Richard,
> Could you be more specific? Maybe I can find here what you mean...
> What do you mean by "the RH end tab" and "imperial"? What is the left hand end tab?
> Please let me know!
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> Charles A. Landemaine.
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I'm having to look at a SuSE Linux running KDE to answer because I don't 
have an accessible PC-BSD machine right this moment. Please let me ask 
you to try this exercise...

Right click on the clock, right end of the taskbar.
Menu offers choices... Select "Date and Time Format"

Window "KDE Control Module" opens
There are 5 tabs along the top of the window
	Locale - Numbers - Money - Time&Date - Other

I always have needed to change them after installing every KDE-based 
system, even though I have set up correctly during or post-install with 
country and timezone. They always seem to default to US standard 
regardless, an observation since 2002 when I first encountered Linux 
(and KDE).

1. Locale always has to be changed from "Default" to Australia or 
everything else is wrong! I figure that Australia is not an orphan, I'm 
willing to bet that other countries are the same!

2. Then the "Numbers" (separators, decimal etc) are right

3. "Money" (Currency) is right

4. "Time and Dates" I set for my preferences, 24hr clock, Sunday 1st day 
of week, etc

5. "Other" I sometimes (not always)  have to change "Paper Format" and 
"Measure System" from "US letter" and "Imperial" to "A4" and "Metric"

I figured this was a KDE problem, because using Gnome installations from 
time to time, I've found it picked them correctly post-installation once 
I entered the  country location.

Does that clarify? Maybe I misunderstood what you posted? If so, sorry!

Richard Ashton

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