[PC-BSD Testing] Are you able to use Konqueror to browse the web?

Tim McCormick tim at pcbsd.org
Wed Aug 1 10:19:08 PDT 2007

> >> I had a problem browsing the web using Konqueror in the Beta version.
> >> I'm now using last Friday's build and have no problems.
> >
> > The funny thing is that if I boot into WinXP, the Internet is lightening
> > fast, but if I boot into PC-BSD/Konqueror, it's almost unusable :(
> >
> > It seems I'm the only one with this problem though...
> That is plain weird, since Konq works just fine on my end here, I use it
> all day.

Same here.

Tim McCormick
PC-BSD Lead Developer
tim at pcbsd.org
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