[PC-BSD Testing] Correction it was the 4/21/ build even though it was named Friday build which was the 20th. [signed]

Odhiambo WASHINGTON wash at wananchi.com
Tue Apr 24 00:44:40 PDT 2007

* On 24/04/07 11:03 +0800, Roberto Soriano [c] wrote:
| Hi again!
| Further to the problem stated regarding the graphical login. I also  
| tried logging in onto the system via ctrl + alt + fkey. Unfortunately  
| no success. What I notice is that the system logs you in but exits.  
| This is due to the fact that i choose bash as my shell. The system  
| cannot find /bin/bash.
| Tried installing it again choosing csh as my shell, success! I was  
| able to log in!
| Hope this helps further in zeroing in on the bug. Will be doing  
| testing on the other shells as well.

This one bit me as well. I could not login, but I did remember on the 
GUI install that it listed bash as existing in /bin (/bin/bash).
However, /etc/shells lists bash as being in /usr/local/bin/bash.
Once I changed my shell (chsh) to this, I was able to login with 
bash as the login shell.

However, I have some additional requests as posted on this:


I'd very much love to see the abilities from the 1.3 VMware image
brought to 1.4!

Lastly, I have a question: Would I break PC-BSD if I compiled my own 
kernel the native FreeBSD way?
Would I break any part of PC-BSD if I installed a port the native 
FreeBSD way? Does it make by system "dirty" (conflicting libs, 
for instance)?



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