[PC-BSD Testing] 1.4 4-17 Installer - Scrambled Screen

Dragon Flyer dracheflieger at gmail.com
Tue Apr 17 19:00:11 PDT 2007

EGVA 123-K8-NF47-AX MB, Opteron 165, 2 GB DDR, EGVA 6800 GS PCI-E

Good news Bad news.

Good news...the vesa option at the ncurses setup screen works where is
didn't in 1.3 and I had to use it, otherwise it would just scramble the
also, 8 minutes and 45 seconds from first post to install to a

Bad news...no desktop. Actually I had a desktop but couldn't see it...it
scrambled the graphics. Multiple vertical lines of nonsensical color. This
has been an ongoing problem with the nv driver and X (and I even tried and
Xorg -configure to see if it made any differences and it  didn't) with later
nVidia cards. 6600, 6800, 7600, 7800. I've answered the work around to this
several times in the forums as to edit your XF86Config file and simply
replace the nv driver with the vesa driver.

I don't know if Xorg 7.2 will work any better with these later model cards.
I assume that seeing it will be ported in the next week we will be looking
at a 1.4 beta build that will be using it soon. I'll test it then.

However, if that isn't in the cards or the newer Xorg doesn't work any
better I would suggest that you change it so that anyone that chooses vesa
at the ncurses setup screen carries that option into the install. The last
thing a first timer wants to see is one of those 'oh shit' moments when they
just wiped out a working install of something else, only to be greeted with
no desktop. One of the biggest disappointments one could have and not good
for word of mouth or reviews.

A little some thing else. I don't recall seeing a choice to use the boot
loader in the simple mode. This is the first time I've ever used the simple
mode. I KVMd over to my other computer and set my router to DHCP as I was
installing and everything installed fine and I was able to surf right away.
However, it did wipe out GAG. I might have missed the checkbox to use (or
not) the BSD boot loader but I don't recall seeing it as an option in the
simple mode.

So far so good...onward and upward.

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