[PC-BSD Support] TrueOS 9.2 with UFS boot?

james james at mansionfamily.plus.com
Wed Oct 9 15:08:47 PDT 2013

What happens if I *don't* faff around and update my boot drives?

I have my boot drive as a RAID1 on a PERC5i.  I'm pretty happy with it, 
certainly not unhappy-enough to want to mess around trying to refit as 
JBOD and ZFS, even if that would be what I'd choose for a fresh install.

Originally this was a FreeBSD system.

I used the instructions at 
and switched the packagesite etc.

But now I am on 9.1-RELEASE/amd64.

The link above suggests editing packagesite to point to 
9.2-RELEASE/amd64 if I am on FreeBSD and want to use the new repository.

Can I still just do that - and switch to 9.2 goodness without having to 
pick up the new boot environment stuff?

If it is really required to upgrade, is there a magic utility that will 
squirrel away the local changes made for me (including /usr/local, the 
rc.conf, sysctl.conf etc I guess) and restore after a fresh install?  I 
have lots of space on a ZFS pool on a RAIDZ drive set that I can export 
and reimport after install.  I hope an install would leave it alone.


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