[PC-BSD Support] UEFI Boot Question

Jacob . D frag-artists at cox.net
Wed Oct 9 03:23:03 PDT 2013

What you just referenced is a common mis-belief/hype/FUD

Secure Boot is just a firmware module of UEFI, and not the whole thing.

If you have a fairly recent computer you can go to the "Advanced" 
section of your BIOS and adjust three settings in particular,

change from windows to "other OS" , enable CSM  and, finally  enable 
"legacy OP-Rom"

also, if you want to dual boot PC-BSD and windows together and have 
assistance in doing  this with a GUI,

you can try this program,


it is free.

you can use this for booting Linux and Windows together too!

I work in the "Puppy Linux" community too, and wrote this article, it 
may help out alot!
Please share, to resolve this stupid hype!



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