[PC-BSD Support] drivers for BMC43142 and/or AR8162 chips

Vilibald Wanca vilibald.wanca at gmail.com
Sat Jan 5 10:03:14 PST 2013

I've installed pc-bsd 9.1 on my new laptop ASUS X201E, which was 
originally running ubuntu, after a little struggle to get it booting I 
am up and running although I have no network access whatsoever as the 
Ethernet device is Atheros AR8162 and wifi is hybrid Broadcom's 
BMC43142. After looking around I'm not sure if there are any bsd drivers 
available or any other way to get it running, at least one of them, 
preferably the wifi as I can live without wired connection. I've been 
thinking about going the ndisgen way but there are no winXP drivers for 
these chips. Does ndisgen support ndis 6.2, can use win7 drivers? Any 
ideas what to try or even just a general approach what way to go.


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