[PC-BSD Support] [PC-BSD Announce] PC-BSD 9.1 now available!

Perry, Andrew perrya at shoalhaven.nsw.gov.au
Tue Feb 5 22:44:58 PST 2013

it does appear to require javascript. i turned it off and the list of releases wouldn't appear

you can go to one of the mirrors though. i would usually use mirror.internode.on.net (/pub/pcbsd/9.1/...) however the date on the file is dec 05. the main aust mirror is mirror.aarnet.edu.au , a usa mirror is mirrors.isc.org 

they also have the same datestamp though, perhaps it's just me

hope that helps


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On 19/12/2012, Kris Moore <kris at pcbsd.org> wrote:
> The PC-BSD team is pleased to announce that version 9.1 is now
> available! This release includes many exciting new features and
> enhancements, such as a vastly improved system installer, ZFS "Boot
> Environment" support, TrueOS (A FreeBSD based server with additional
> power-user utilities), and much more!
> Download it now
> -----------------------------------------
> DVD, USB and Virtual Machine disk images are now available via the PC-BSD
> mirrors. You may select the mirror and files from the link below:
> http://www.pcbsd.org/en/download.html


Do we need to be running javascript, to download the ISO's?

I have visited the web site, and the link above, but cannot get to a
web page to download the 9.1 ISO's.

The download button on the Download web page, appears to be a circular
thing; it just reloads the same web page.

I am not running javascript in my web browser, as I have found
javascript to be malware.

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