[PC-BSD Support] Problem configuring NETGEAR G54 Wireless USB adapter

Jürgen Dankoweit Juergen.Dankoweit at T-Online.de
Thu Nov 22 23:08:23 PST 2012


Am 23.11.2012 07:46, schrieb ashwin damle:
> Dear all,
> Hello.
> I have installed PC-BSD, latest version 9.0. After checking for the
> supported wireless usb adapters, I found that NETGEAR G54 Wireless USB
> adapter WG111V3 is supported by PC-BSD 9.0.
> The driver urtw is loaded fine; I can see the wireless usb detected in
> the network configuration; I can see that my network is detected and I
> enter the security key.
> The problem:
> After all the configuration it still says, No carrier. Link status is
> always DOWN. I think it should just work but there is some problem.

First did you enter the passphrase correctly: y <> z, i,I <> l, spaces
and so on?

Please look at the log file /var/log/messages if there are any entries
when you try to connect then please post them here in the list.

Best regards


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