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 > > Hi, > I have PC-BSD9.0 64 bit Live DVD and i boot a new > laptop(harware is > uptodate) with that DVD. > But it took more than 30 minutes to boot. Is it normal? It > is too slow. No, that is not normal but we need more information to determine what is slowing down the boot. Does it hang at a particular spot? If so, what is the message? How much RAM in this system? Any peripherals plugged in while booting? Cheers, Dru _______________________________________________ Support mailing list Support at lists.pcbsd.org http://lists.pcbsd.org/mailman/listinfo/support 
 IT doesn't hang at a particular spot. It runs but slowly. A percentage of progress appears when a key combination entered.
 The laptop is uptodate as hardware specs. I mean a new laptop minumum 1 gb of ram.

 No peripherals plugged in while booting.

 Test it yourself, i believe that it will rehappen.
 Prepare a  PC-BSD9.0 64 bit Live DVD, and boot a new laptop with it. It will very slowly load the OS. At the end it successfully loadED the OS. Murad
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